Hair Extensions



If you're craving instant thicker, longer hair, then hair extensions are the choice for you. Here at Assisi we source our extensions from Beauty Works - an award-winning brand that have 8 years of hair experience and are regularly featured in the national press such as Look magazine, The Daily Mail and Grazia. Having won countless awards for their extensions, we believe that these are the best on the market for the clients who come through our door! Celebrities such as Michelle Keegan, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Palermo, The Kardashians and Victoria’s Secret models have also worn and championed Beauty Works, so we take their word for it!

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As with any treatment here at Assisi, we need to listen to you first to work out what it is you'd like to achieve with your new look. We'll sit down and assess which application method will suit you, before running through your colour options, as well as our FAQs listed below. Then it's time to get to work! One of our team will apply your extensions to your original hair, before blending the two so that you end up with a natural-looking, beautiful finish.



Designed for extreme durability yet gentle on the hair, our extension bonds are made with keratin to keep all the strands together without shredding. Pre-bonded extensions last the longest of any type of extensions and are perfect for medium to thick hair!


Our tape extensions are all hand-placed, using a super flat weft strip to create a natural blend without any stress on the natural hair. Quick to apply and remove, tape extensions are ideal for anyone with finer hair and tend to need re-fitting every 6-8 weeks, with the actual hair lasting 9 months.


Coarse, thick or curly hair? A weave is the ultimate choice for you. With this type of traditional weave application, sections of hair are first braided into cornrows, before wefts of new hair are sewn into the braids.

L.A. Weave

The newest extension on the scene is the L.A. weave - a great alternative to pre-bonded extensions for those with medium to thick hair. Unlike the original weave, the L.A. weave is a series of micro rings, clamped to your hair instead of glued. Easy to maintain and quick to apply, these type of extensions tend to need re-fitting every 6-8 weeks, with the hair lasting 9 months.


How much do extensions cost?

Our extensions start from £250 but vary on the person and amount of hair needed.

My hair extensions are starting to dry out! What should I do?

Unlike your natural hair which has a constant direct supply of nutrients coming from your scalp, hair extensions don’t get this nourishment - you have to care for it yourself! Using an oily serum on a daily basis is a great way to keep your extensions shiny. If you’re still struggling with dry hair, try to cut back on your use of heated appliances.

Why have my hair extensions changed colour?

There are a few factors that might have caused this discolouration. If you’ve been swimming and your extensions are blonde, for example, you might notice that the chlorine has turned them pink or even orange. UV rays can also wreak havoc with hair colours, so we would always advise wearing a hat in the hot sun to reduce this exposure.

If your colour is fading rather than changing colour, then this may be to do with the hardness of the water that you’re showering in. The alkaline level is what determines the ‘hardness’ of water in every area, and so if you live in an area with a particularly hard water supply, a filtered shower head could be all you need to prevent fading.

Similarly to this, piping hot water might also be the culprit for fading hair. Whenever hot water touches the hair, cuticles will open and the colour can drain out of the hair shaft. Try turning it down to a lower heat to avoid this happening.

My extensions are starting to snap! Help!

Breakage and snapping occur when excessive heat has been applied to the hair. This heat damages the protective outer layer of the hair known as the cuticle. As soon as you notice any breakage, stop using heat on the hair. Damage like this cannot be repaired.

Should I colour my hair extensions?

Ideally you should avoid colouring your extensions if you can, as they’ve already been coloured and can’t be returned if you start to dye them again. Permanent tints, bleach and silver shampoos all lift the hair cuticle to penetrate the hair shaft, which affects the strength of the hair. Because of this we find that colouring leaves the extensions more likely to break and snap, meaning that you’d have to replace them more often.

How much maintenance will I need?

When it comes to maintenance and coming back to our salon, it will depend on which method you went for. With weaves, you’ll need these re-weaving every 5 to 8 weeks, but other types of extensions won’t require as much upkeep.