A cut above the rest

Welcome to Assisi, the home of expert colour, bespoke styling and healthy hair. With some of the most creative and innovative colourists and stylists in North East Lincolnshire, our team have a wealth of experience in all things hair. Every stylist that works with our Sensus colour range gets to visit the Sensus academy in Tuscany, Italy to pick up and refine their skills. Our team have travelled from Italy, to Greece, to LA and beyond to educate themselves on the latest hair trends and skills, so you can be confident that you're in safe hands.

Whether you're seeking a colour change or colour correction, need help to grow your hair or desire a prescription for the most nourishing treatments to ensure your hair stays healthy at all times, we delight in joining you on your journey to the best hair ever.

It's time to stand out.

Join us at Assisi and get creative with your hair!